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Welcome to our technical diving level UP courses !

When it comes to training, it can get a little confusing at Tec entry-level. What is certain is that we don’t want to take you to the “dark side” or have you use the “devil’s gas”, but to offer you a wide range of courses to develop your skills and confidence in all types of diving, regardless of your kit configuration or certifying agency.


Not PADI ?







What really matters is the quality of instruction

and how you feel with your instructor.

Tec Monsters have selected some of the best instructors in the country (and beyond) who are specialist in their field and offer courses from entry- level Rec all the way to CCR Trimix Expediton DPV cave diver.


Courses are run all over Florida in Springs or on the coast. Trips to more exotic destinations (Mexico, Malta, Egypt, Ibiza, France, UK and South East Asia) can be arranged. 


Cavern or Mine Diver courses


To enrol:

  • Must be a qualified as an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent.

  • Must provide proof of a minimum of 10 dives.

  • Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian authorisation, or a minimum of 18 years of age without guardian approval.

  • Meet the Equipment Prerequisite

Your cave adventure will start with a 3 to 4 days cavern diver course. This course is designed to develop your skills and knowledge of cavern environment, diving within the limits of light penetration and learning about specific hazards associated with cave diving.


The cavern diver course will lay a very good basis for cave diving environments but not an encouragement to penetrate cave out of the light zone. The main focus points of the program include equipment configuration, line drills and use of line reels, developing self-sufficiency and safety through skills development proper planning, procedures, techniques and hazards of cavern diving.

CCR Training

We believe that CCR training need a proper chat to make sure that we understands your goals. We strongly advice that you get in touch with us.

We can arrange training worldwide on most mainstream units and also the most obscure ones.

Not sure which unit is the best for you?

We can help you decided by signing in "Try Dive" day so you could try a selection of Rebreather before you make your choice.

Deco stop after a lovely dive on one of

Intro to Cave/Mine

In order to join the course you should:

  • Must be qualified in Overhead Environment

  • Must provide proof of a minimum of 25 logged dives or sufficient experience

  • Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian authorisation, or a minimum of 18 years of age without guardian approval

  • Meet the Equipment Prerequisite


The Intro to cave course will take around 2 days to complete depending on prior qualification and will take your skills previously learned to the next level down and will take you beyond the light zone. The program is all about self-sufficiency skills, utilising isolation manifold twin sets and dual outlet cylinders, line following, line laying and emergency procedures as well as gas planning and management.


The course will certify you to dive within your previous certifications limits, to dive in cave following the main line using the rule of 1/6th (meaning that you can use 1/6th of the gas available in your back gas to get in the cave and 1/6th to get out which leave plenty of gas to sort yourself once you kicked the silt at the bottom while doing your primary tie off).


This course can be run as a continuous course in conjunction with the Cavern Diver program and can be run on either Open Circuit or Closed Circuit Rebreather.



If you’re :

 Then you qualify to enroll in a Tec Sidemount Diver course. It’s recommended that you also have an Enriched Air Diver certification.

At Tec Monsters we believe that sidemount takes time as kit configuration needs particular attention in order to achieve a comfortable position underwater with good trim. With that in mind the 2 days course covers all core skills pertinent to sidemount. We run through kit configuration, buoyancy, finning techniques, stage handling and mounting, shutdowns and gas donation.

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